Rust Collages

A serendipitous by-product of using oxidised iron across a cycle of drawings, I’ve been enjoying the potential of cut and collaged rusted papers which may suggest new form relationships for sculptures. Most of these collages were carefully glued down from randomly “thrown” compositions.

Phantom City

Midway through this modular design project in Aluminium, a space filling asymmetrical assembly of Octahedra and Cuboctahedra – known by Buckminster Fuller as the Dymaxion. It developed from a cancelled architectural commission for a modular storage system, my initial designs seemed too good to waste so I decided to build one. This will be finished in mirror polish, it contains four cuboid storage voids behind doors, it’s triangulated geometry means everything has to be focused around a series of complex bespoke corner joints I hand form and rivet.

CGP Open 2016 and site news

The newest sculpture from the Grok series (Disinto) is now on exhibition at the 32nd CGP Open in Southwark until the 24th July, this show is a longstanding event for London’s artists from all disciplines.
No:8 “Disinto” is very much hot off the welding bench and straight in to the public domain.
Over the summer the Arikui site is going to have a few structural changes, it’s scary how quickly we have moved on from it’s beginning just three years ago, so more artwork from the past year is to be added and Occam’s Razor will slice through text content – as it should – let’s get with the visual spatial phenomena!


News 2016

In the spirit of ‘habit changing’ in the studio I have kicked off the new year by making myself ‘uncomfortable’ eschewing drawing, planning, measuring and high finish in new materials for speed and intuition across mixed media.
Interesting, challenging and quite fun, not sure what will come out of this exercise yet, but then that is the point!
My concerns are that ‘mixed media’ is such a contemporary commonplace, it has a lot of potential narrative baggage which I dislike, for good or ill my impulse is always to set off away from the herd.
As a result I have kept away from assembling junk and scraps since the early ’90s when simple poverty dictated material choice.
However, the aim is that the focus on the immediate during the making act will feedback into future work in a positive way.
January yielded No:1 “The Real Inspector Hound”


Spon! pics update

The Spon! boys have uploaded some nice pictures of folks at the Zou Gallery PV last May taken by Moeko Sawada
Here: Arikui @ Zou Gallery

Bespoke steel project

The run-up to Christmas and the New Year saw the successful completion and installation of another domestic steel commission.
Combined firewood storage and display surfaces for a ceramic collection, all in welded and folded steel plate with a very striking machine aesthetic. Quite a technical and physical challenge in my small workshop, I had to re-enforce the wall to build it, but a very satisfying consistency across multiple units, great detailing and finish.

Finished woodstore in studio

Finished woodstore in studio