Prints on Show

I’ll be kicking off the New Year by exhibiting a couple of prints at the BAR Gallery, 4-5 Queens Parade, Walm Lane, London NW2 5HT
Bar Print Show PV 22nd Jan 2015 6-9pm BAR gallery 4-5 Queens Parade London NW2 5HT

Recent Design Commissions

Along with working my way through the Tekton series of sculptures over the past year I have also been creating some custom steel objects to commission. The first of these; a steel fire fender, is now installed with a very happy client and a happy maker too, subsequently the second is now under way. Functional objects in conception, but the symbiotic relationship with my recent artwork is evident in the play of form and counter form, meticulous process and attention to edge detail. A very enjoyable job all round, interpreting and creating a domestic steel piece in close dialogue with a bold, imaginative client.

Steel fire fender commission in studio

Finished fire fender commission in studio


Arikui @ SPON!


I’ve just installed a group of sculpture and prints at SPON!

Gallery is at ZOU 17 Endell St. Covent Garden WC2

The show runs all week from 20th -25th May.

The guys from SPON! have been showcasing a range of art, design and fashion with a particular style.

Check out the SPON! here

Open Studio

We have our annual ‘Open Studio’ event this month and our artist’s studios are open to the public this weekend. You can see us and our artwork in our natural habitat!

ACAVA Artists 'Open Studios' 5/6 October 2013

ACAVA Artists ‘Open Studios’ 5/6 October 2013

Latest deployment

'Dandyhorse' ,'Blicero', 'Ooboo' ready to go

‘Dandyhorse’ ,’Blicero’, ‘Ooboo’ ready to go.

‘Ooboo’ now done, last little piece silvered on, does three pieces make a detachment or a cadre?
Just taken ‘Dandyhorse’ to the sand blaster, next are these two, since they are related to ‘German Bight’ I’m going to acid patinate these as per my recipe.

Two up! Newly completed sculpture in the studio.

After a complex construction over the past month ‘Dandyhorse’ is now complete, it looks alive wandering across the studio floor…waiting along with ‘Blicero’ for it’s patina, on to the next one now: ‘Ooboo’

Since moving from Cell in Dalston to here end of last year that’s three new pieces – not too bad.

Blicero and Dandyhorse steel sculpture prior to patina

Blicero and Dandyhorse in studio

Fresh sculpture at Push107

Hot off the bench; latest sculpture ‘Texas’ looks very good, full of movement, 3mm steel brazed together with silver then zinc passivated – very interesting finish brings out the edges in an iridescent way.
Thinking to append the title ‘Texas – Instrument’ as the new composition seems to have a instrumental/tool quality.


Exhibition News

Thanks to all who attended our PV at Push107 last Thursday night.

A very good turnout at our ‘pop-up’ gallery in Marylebone, 107 Gloucester Place.

Push sculpture collective is gathering momentum indeed!

For those who missed it you can still come along this Saturday 23rd 12-4pm.


A plan comes together…

Sculpture production grows apace in the Arikui studio. Drawing after drawing, preparation, preparation…the months of groundwork are worth it as the series fit together perfectly.  A busy day TIG welding up ‘Dandyhorse’ and all is going to plan, I moved a few parts around since the maquette and it’s got loads of energy.

New sculptures

Two new sculptures on the way!

It’s all happening in the studio this year with sculpture construction full steam ahead.

The second of the three newest sculptures “Blicero” is now welded up and all filed ready for it’s patina.

This will need a blast clean, then I’ll torch it, patinate it with HCl, then an alkaline, a wash, heat again and oil to give a very even ‘chocolate’ finish.

I have uploaded a little video of making this sculpture to give an insight into some of my techniques at Arikui.

Also the small sculpture from the “Texas” print is now silver brazed too, this underwent radical changes from the original maquette and is all the better for it. I have decided to explore a zinc coating for this one for the industrial flavour.

New Arikui website is live!


and Hello World!

The new Arikui website is up and running.

From now on all my sculpture and graphic art projects in series form will be collected and curated here under the Arikui moniker.

Why you may ask?

It gives the serial artwork a distinct identity from the many other types of artwork I make in the studio and a part of my interest in making sculpture is the status of art objects as visual tools, hence use of an industrial orientated aesthetic in the artwork processes, materials, Arikui site and machine plates etc…

And the Arikui?

Arikui means ‘anteater’ in Japanese, the giant anteater is an interesting beast, individualistic, skilled and possibly eccentric, but tenacious free-range investigator of his chosen territory – a suitable avatar then.

Andrew Revell