Sculpture: News 2016

In the spirit of ‘habit changing’ in the studio I have kicked off the new year by making myself ‘uncomfortable’ eschewing drawing, planning, measuring and high finish in new materials for speed and intuition across mixed media.
Interesting, challenging and quite fun, not sure what will come out of this exercise yet, but then that is the point!
My concerns are that ‘mixed media’ is such a contemporary commonplace, it has a lot of potential narrative baggage which I dislike, for good or ill my impulse is always to set off away from the herd.
As a result I have kept away from assembling junk and scraps since the early ’90s when simple poverty dictated material choice.
However, the aim is that the focus on the immediate during the making act will feedback into future work in a positive way.
January yielded No:1 “The Real Inspector Hound”