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'Dandyhorse' ,'Blicero', 'Ooboo' ready to go

‘Dandyhorse’ ,’Blicero’, ‘Ooboo’ ready to go.

‘Ooboo’ now done, last little piece silvered on, does three pieces make a detachment or a cadre?
Just taken ‘Dandyhorse’ to the sand blaster, next are these two, since they are related to ‘German Bight’ I’m going to acid patinate these as per my recipe.

Fresh sculpture at Push107

Hot off the bench; latest sculpture ‘Texas’ looks very good, full of movement, 3mm steel brazed together with silver then zinc passivated – very interesting finish brings out the edges in an iridescent way.
Thinking to append the title ‘Texas – Instrument’ as the new composition seems to have a instrumental/tool quality.