Bespoke steel project

The run-up to Christmas and the New Year saw the successful completion and installation of another domestic steel commission.
Combined firewood storage and display surfaces for a ceramic collection, all in welded and folded steel plate with a very striking machine aesthetic. Quite a technical and physical challenge in my small workshop, I had to re-enforce the wall to build it, but a very satisfying consistency across multiple units, great detailing and finish.

Finished woodstore in studio

Finished woodstore in studio

Recent Design Commissions

Along with working my way through the Tekton series of sculptures over the past year I have also been creating some custom steel objects to commission. The first of these; a steel fire fender, is now installed with a very happy client and a happy maker too, subsequently the second is now under way. Functional objects in conception, but the symbiotic relationship with my recent artwork is evident in the play of form and counter form, meticulous process and attention to edge detail. A very enjoyable job all round, interpreting and creating a domestic steel piece in close dialogue with a bold, imaginative client.

Steel fire fender commission in studio

Finished fire fender commission in studio


Latest deployment

'Dandyhorse' ,'Blicero', 'Ooboo' ready to go

‘Dandyhorse’ ,’Blicero’, ‘Ooboo’ ready to go.

‘Ooboo’ now done, last little piece silvered on, does three pieces make a detachment or a cadre?
Just taken ‘Dandyhorse’ to the sand blaster, next are these two, since they are related to ‘German Bight’ I’m going to acid patinate these as per my recipe.

Fresh sculpture at Push107

Hot off the bench; latest sculpture ‘Texas’ looks very good, full of movement, 3mm steel brazed together with silver then zinc passivated – very interesting finish brings out the edges in an iridescent way.
Thinking to append the title ‘Texas – Instrument’ as the new composition seems to have a instrumental/tool quality.