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'Dandyhorse' ,'Blicero', 'Ooboo' ready to go

‘Dandyhorse’ ,’Blicero’, ‘Ooboo’ ready to go.

‘Ooboo’ now done, last little piece silvered on, does three pieces make a detachment or a cadre?
Just taken ‘Dandyhorse’ to the sand blaster, next are these two, since they are related to ‘German Bight’ I’m going to acid patinate these as per my recipe.

A plan comes together…

Sculpture production grows apace in the Arikui studio. Drawing after drawing, preparation, preparation…the months of groundwork are worth it as the series fit together perfectly.  A busy day TIG welding up ‘Dandyhorse’ and all is going to plan, I moved a few parts around since the maquette and it’s got loads of energy.